Massachusetts DCR Park Passport Stamp Locations

We recently discovered that our home state of Massachusetts participates in a Park Passport program. You can easily download and print out the passport from your home computer and start collecting stamps at your favorite state parks. The tricky part comes when you try to find the stamp at the park you are visiting. As an avid nature lover and stamp collector, I understand the frustration that can come when you can't track down the stamp for a park you are visiting. Hopefully this list below will help you on your stamp scavenger hunts!

If you have any tips and tricks we should add to the list below, be sure to let us know.


Walden Pond State Reservation:
Lock box with stamp is located on the information stand near the Thoreau Cabin Replica. Box Combo: 210

Great Brook Farm State Park:
This is another stamp that is only accessible when the park is open. It is located in the park office near the main parking lot.

Willard Brook State Forest:
Stamp is located inside the Forest Headquarters on Rte. 119. Keep in mind this is only open during business hours.


Quabbin Reservoir:
We found this stamp behind the counter in the visitor center. You will need to ask a staff member to assist you during normal operating hours.


Castle Island:
Inside the main doors of Fort Independence is where the lock box is located. You can only access this seasonally and when the Fort is open for viewing. We were off-season when we visited, but were lucky as we were able to track down a member of the grounds crew. They were kind enough to unlock the main doors for us to gain entry to the stamp (and take a quick peek at the inside of the Fort). Box Combo: 810


Natural Bridge State Park:
Head in to the visitor center and ask a ranger for the stamp. At this park they keep in the office desk drawer. This will only be availble when the building is staffed during operation hours.

October Mountain State Forest:
The information stand across from the check-in station at Lee Campground has a lock box with the stamp. Box Combo: 073


We will add more details as we visit more parks!