Castle Island

2017-04-02 14.32.03.jpg

When the weatherman predicted a sunny day we immediately started making plans to head in to Boston to explore Castle Island. This is a park that we have been to many times but one that we are finding new ways to explore. 

On this trip, we opted to walk the Pleasure Bay Loop, as opposed to just our usual Castle Island Loop hike. We actually ended up doing both loops to extend our stay a bit longer.  This parks main feature is Fort Independence that stands in Boston Harbor. The loop hikes provide views of the Boston city skyline, the Boston Harbor Islands and Logan International Airport where you can watch the planes landing (the boys in our family love this).

We have never toured the Fort itself as we have never been there during operating hours. We did get a chance to peek in at the Fort during this visit though. A kind grounds crew member unlocked the main doors for us we we could find and collect the Massachusetts DCR Park Passport stamps. 

This park has history lessons, beaches, playgrounds, hikes, an ice cream stand, a fried seafood spot, spectacular views, green space to runaround on, and all the family fun one could ask for.