Great Brook Farm State Park

We have had some very unseasonable weather this last week in New England, and we decided to take advantage of it and head out to one of our local Massachusetts State Parks. This park is on our 2017 Travel Wishlist and I am happy to report we were able to start crossing places of this list so early in the year!  We have actually been this park multiple times before but what is the saying? Pics, or it didn't happen? HA!

There are over 20 miles of trails at Great Brook, as well as a working dairy farm which makes it a unique park to visit. In the past we have completed portions of the Lantern and Litchfield loops. This time around we brought my sister to explore and we tried out a new trail, Pine Point Loop which was about a 2.5 mile trek. Compared to this time last year, Logan is up for hiking longer distances, which makes it more fun. We have learned to always pack a picnic too for half way through the hike to let him rest up and refuel a bit before venturing on.  

It was nice to see other visitors exploring the park in their own way. We saw bikers, trail runners, dog walkers, and horseback riders during our hike. When the park is covered in snow it is also a popular destination for cross-country skiing.