Appalachian National Scenic Trail

Photo Jun 09, 9 26 53 AM.jpg

Just outside Lee, MA in  a town called Becket,  we spotted an area where the Appalachian Trail crossed over Rte 90 (The Pike... if your from MA). There are two pedestrian bridges built just for the trail that head towards Upper Goose Pond.

The moment we stepped foot on to the actual Appalachian Trail it felt like meeting a rock-star or a celebrity. It is one of those trails that everyone talks about, so it was really amazing to spend a few hours hiking here. The trail took us on a decently steep climb up to the top of the ridge (about 1.4 miles). There we found a trail guest book that we made sure to sign and then turned around to start our decent. We met lots of hikers on the trail that morning and Logan made sure to tell everyone of them his favorite Ninja Turtle character. 

Even if we only hiked approx 2 miles of the 2,190 miles that exist on the trail, I am still happy to cross it off my bucket list and look forward to when our paths cross again!