Concord River

2017-06-11 10.56.35-1.jpg

We are starting to get more spontaneous with our outdoor exploring and it has led to some really fun adventures. Take this canoe trip down the Concord River in MA, for example. The boat rental place is only 10-15 mins from our house and yet we have never taken advantage of what it has to offer until this particular gorgeous Sunday morning. We woke up hankering for adventure and within the hour we were out on the water.

After picking up our canoe from South Bridge Boat House in Concord, MA, we opted to head down the river towards the Old North Bridge, which is one of the most prominent features in Minute Man National Historical Park. This 3 mile round trip paddle took us just about 2 hours. We took our time and meandered down the river to allow time for Stew and Logan to fish off the side of the boat (no luck, though). The river was full of people in canoes, kayaks, fishing boats, and paddle boards enjoying their leisurely Sunday morning along with us. I could see how it could get a little jammed up with boats and take away from the experience during peak times, so make sure you arrive early if you plan to do this same paddle. Perhaps next time we will South on the river instead to see what it has to offer.