Saugus Ironworks National Historic Site

To celebrate our wedding anniversary we hopped on to the motorcycle and headed to the Saugus Iron Works National Historic Site. Living in the Northeast allows us to visit so many parks within just an hour of our home.This little park is hidden among a residential area where it sits along the Saugus River. It is a fee free NPS site so if you live in the area I highly suggest a visit, even if it is just to walk the grounds. We spent just under 2 hours at the park and it was the perfect activity for a Sunday afternoon.

There is a lot of history surround this site as it was the first iron works built in the New World. With just the use of water wheels and wooden gears, it was considered a highly advanced mill at the time. As with most National Historic Sites, this park’s buildings were reconstructed on it’s original site. There is a guided tour that we opted out of, but had the time allowed we probably would have joined in as they demonstrate many of the machines onsite during the tours.

Yes, this is not how most people would celebrate an anniversary but it was the perfect day for us!

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