Fort Sumter National Monument


Every time we travel (even when it is for work) we investigate what parks are in the area to visit during our down time. We visited a few parks on this trip to the Carolina's but Fort Sumter National Monument was on the top of my list. I love parks that incorporate other activities into the outing - for instance you need to take a ferry to get to the Fort as it is located on in island in the Charleston Harbor.

As with a lot of NPS sites, this monument is preserved for the history lesson it tells it’s visitors. Fort Sumter was a highly contended fort during the Civil War and eventually fell to the Confederates.

It was a picture perfect day for touring this site - most of the highlights came from the ferry ride though, and not the Fort itself. The views of Charleston, the marine life we saw, and the Park Ranger led narration of the history of the park were my favorite parts of our visit.

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