Congaree National Park

We had the most relaxing afternoon wandering along a boardwalk they have constructed in the heart of the forest at Congaree National Park.

The forest consists primarily of Cypress Trees and Loblolly Pine. This forest is in a floodplain so the entire root system is hidden below the water line. The reflection in the water creates the illusion that the trees go on forever in both directions - it’s really an incredible site.

I, of course, dressed Logan up in a mini Park Ranger explorer outfit and the best part was that at the visitor center they gave him a Junior Park Ranger pin!!

While we did not know much about this park before we visited, it hits on a lot of the things we look for in a park - friendly Park Rangers, no crowds, walking paths with information along the way, child/stroller friendly atmosphere, wildlife sightings, and beautiful scenery that it unique to the area.

Only a short section of the boardwalk was closed off due to flooding (which we have heard is pretty common) but it did not hinder our hike in any way. We only spent a few hours in this park as we stopped to visit during a business trip and did not have more time to explore. I wish we could have gotten on to the water in a canoe or kayaks, and I know Stew wanted time to fish. These are activities we will have to add to our list for the next time we make it to South Carolina.

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