The Van Buren Nature Trails

Across the street from Martin Van Buren National Historic Site in Kinderhook, NY is a set of nature trails managed by a group called The Friends of Linewald in partnership with many other area organizations including the NPS unit.

We ended up on the nature trails due to poor conditions on the trails within the historic site itself. Unfortunately, these trails were not in much better condition due recent heavy rains/flooding. We decided to not let that stop us and ventured out on one of the 4 color coded trails through this area. The Red Blaze/ Meadow Trail was .65 miles round trip loop, which was perfect distance for a toddler who was approaching nap time.

One great thing about the rain was that the wild flowers were so vibrant and abundant! There were so many varieties to see along our walk. While we ended up with wet/muddy feet from adventure, it was still fun to venture out to a new area we hadn't explored before.