Thompson Island Outward Bound Education Center

When we found out about an opportunity to travel to Thompson Island, to learn about the incredible work they are doing, we jumped on it right away. Thompson Island is one of the 13 islands that make up Boston Harbor Island National Recreation Area and is only accessible to those participating in a hosted event or students venturing over to take part in one of their Outward Bound programs.

We attended an open house on the island that showed off their event planning talents and allowed us to enjoy food and beverage while taking in the Boston skyline and views of the harbor at sunset. The Waterfront Landing venue was so lovely and was set up to show off a variety of decor and entertainment options for those who wanted to organize events. There were set ups for clam bakes to elegant dining and everything in between including a s'mores station down on the beach. Had we not been married for 10+ years already, this would have been at the top of out list for a wedding location! All of the revenue made from personal (weddings, parties, reunions, etc) and corporate events on this island are used to fund the educational programs offered by Thompson Island Outward Bound.

After taking in what the main event venue had to offer its guest, we hopped on a golf cart with Sam, one of the Thompson Island Outward Bound staff members, for a tour of the island. For us, learning about this program that offers middle school students in the Boston public school system free science lessons, team building activities, and character building exercises, was the highlight of the evening. 

Educational programs started on this island back in 1833 when the Boston Farm School was founded. It wasn't until 1988 that Thompson Island Outward Bound was formed but the rich history of science and agricultural education is evident in all of the structures and walking paths found on the island. Current students get to explore salt marshes and take their finds back to indoor science labs, climb towers in team building exercises and take part in outdoor challenge courses.

Whether you are donating your time to maintain the island, dancing the night away at a wedding reception, or participating in a corporate retreat, you are helping Boston youth learn and grow in ways that would not be otherwise possible for them.

Learn more about how you can get involved or book an event on Thompson Island.

The CampfireAmy Allen