Parker River National Wildlife Refuge

Sometimes all you need is an afternoon away from it all. As with most people, when I have a day off from work it is filled to the brim with items from a to-do list - whether it be folding laundry, grocery shopping, or getting caught up on blog posts. Before we moved, Parker River National Wildlife Refuge was one of those spots that was perfect for playing hooky on days when we wanted to pretend like there were no to-do list.

We like to leave the car at the parking area at the end of Stackyard Rd and take the two mile round trip hike across Nelson Island to the coast line of Plum Island Sound.  This walk is always filled with amazing scenery wildlife, and a lot of laughs.  Stew loves to pack his fishing gear for the trek too and take some time to enjoy his favorite past time. 

The other areas of this Wildlife Refuge are worth as visit as well but for us, the best part of this trail is that for the 2 hours or so we were out there, we didn’t seen another single person.  A prefect place for clearing your head!

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