Bradley Palmer State Park

While we love heading into the great outdoors as a family of three, sharing it with family and friends has been so much fun this year. With that in mind, on this beautiful Autumn afternoon, we invited along our closest friends to explore another Massachusetts State Park with us!

We met up in the main parking lot and had a picnic lunch at the tables in the field by the park headquarters while we watched horseback riders gear up for rides through the park. Then we ventured out on our own hike through the trails. I wish I could tell you which trails we took but, even with a map in hand, we sort of just made it up as we went along. We took some paths less traveled on, which brought us to lovely views of the Ipswich River, and meandered down well-loved trails and crossed paths with other hikers, and their dogs or horses. At some point, we passed through Moon Hill which is a large open field that had beautiful scenery and was my favorite spot on our hike.

This was a very family friendly park and great for the two 4-year-olds we had in tow. This was a great way to spend a few hours and enjoy time with friends.

Since this is a MA State Park, we also had to track down the Passport Stamp for our collection and upon first look, we were unsuccessful. However, this was just due to some construction happening in the main parking area. If you are a collector like us, we found the stamp near the maintenance building and park headquarters on our second pass by the buildings.