Walden in the Winter

2017-01-16 09.58.07.jpg

While we typically enjoy this park in the warmer months, it was a fun adventure to trek out on a hike during the Winter too. Walden Pond State Reservation recently built a new visitor center and we were eager to check it out. While the interior exhibits are still a work in progress, the volunteers had created a handmade elevation map and were eager to pull it out to explain the area to us.

We decided to venture out on a new-to-us trail - Goose Pond Trail takes visitors along the shoreline of this smaller pond, located on the southern side of the park, on the opposite side of the road as Walden Pond. While the trail itself is about .50 miles round trip, we extended it by walking on to the bottom of the pond itself. Due to the intense drought over the last year, the bed of the pond is entirely dried up. What once was a pond, now looks like a field and this foreign landscape felt like walking on another planet and was really interesting to explore.

This Massachusetts state park really has something for everyone, during every season and we are glad we went to see what the winter months had to offer! Make sure to also check out our summer visit to Walden Pond State Reservation.