Long Lake Park

I love taking walks through the woods - even on a chilly December morning. On this particular day we bundled up to take a .65 mile hike on the Charles L. Tirone Memorial Trail (red markers) which is part of the Littleton Conservation Trust. The trail takes you along the shore of Long Lake, which is clearly a popular spot for beavers, evident by all of the downed trees along the path.  We didn't see any of the animals, or their dams on this trail, but we will have to go back and explore some of the others to track down where they live. While we have explored some of Long Lake before, this trail was new to us and only took us about 45 minutes to complete.

There has been some snow in this area but with the warmer weather and rain it has since melted away. There were a few icy spots on the trail we needed to watch out for but otherwise, it was a very easy hike. The lake itself was mostly frozen over and we even watched some ice fisherman reel in a few fish.

While hiking in New England in December can be cold, it's not so bad when at the end of the trail you treat yourselves and warm up with some nice hot apple cider or mug of cocoa - which is exactly what we did.

Outdoor AdventuresAmy Allen