Roger Williams National Memorial

One weekend we decided to leave Logan at the grandparents and spend a night out of town. We took a mini road trip to Providence, RI. With no real plans in mind, I did make sure to pack my National Park Passport in case we had the opportunity to check out Roger Williams National Memorial.

The is a very small NPS site which took us less then an hour to enjoy all that it had to offer. We, of course, made sure to take in the short multimedia presentation at the visitor center where we learned about Roger Williams, the founder of Providence and an early proponent of Freedom of Religion. The rangers were knowledgeable and eager to tell us about the history surrounding the city. 

While the visitor center and small green space surrounding it are the only entities included in the memorial, they do recommend a small walking tour of other historical sites relevant to Roger Williams. Based on these suggestions we visited Prospect Park and the First Baptist Meeting House. 

If you are in Providence you should stop in to this park for a quick history lesson and enjoy the architecture of the neighborhoods surrounding the park.

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