John Fitzgerald Kennedy National Historic Site

You know what’s better then visiting a National Park? Visiting TWO parks… in one day! The same day we hit up the Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site, we decided to pop into another park just down the road in Brookline, MA. In an unassuming neighborhood we came across the John Fitzgerald Kennedy National Historic Site - birthplace of our 35th President.

This is really the home that JFK and his family grew up in. It did however change hands a few times before finally ending up with the National Park Service. It is a very small site, one where you can spend less than an hour at, but I have always been fascinated with the Kennedy’s and have visited many other sites and museums dedicated to this family so it was nice to check out this site too.

There is a very small visitor center in the basement of the home where you begin the tour after a short video. From the basement you climb the stairs towards the kitchen on to the first floor level of the home. Each room is staged as it would have been when the Kennedy’s lived there.

As we walked through the home one of the rangers pointed out that when JFK lived in the house he would have been the same age as Logan was at the time we visited. It helped put the visit in to perspective thinking about a 1 year old crawling through the halls, who would one day become President of the United States.

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