Chickasaw National Recreation Area

I am super excited to share with you our visit to Logan’s very first National Park located in southern Oklahoma in the Arbuckle Mountains. We probably would have never made it to Oklahoma to see this state’s park units but since Logan was born here and we had time to kill while we waited for his adoption paperwork to process, we put the time to good use.

Given that it was nearly 100 degrees outside on this particular day (and Logan was only about a week old) we opted out of any hikes or walking trails and instead, popped from site to site in the comfort of our air conditioned car.

It was a very quiet day at the park and we barely saw any other visitors - even the visitor center was empty and I was disappointed that there was no welcome informational video about the park. We did pick up a Park Passport for Logan though at the gift shop and got his very first cancellation stamp here!

Around each bend on the Loop Road, there was a different landscape to see. Around one corner we were on the shores of the Lake of the Arbuckles and around the next we were looking at scenes from the desert.

The one spot we stopped at for a few minutes to dip our feet into the water was at Little Niagara. We had visited Niagara Falls earlier that year so that seemed like fitting destination within the park.

Perhaps one day we will come back to this park when Logan is older and spend more time enjoying the hikes, views, and sights of this park. So even though this wasn’t the most thrilling park we have been to, it was still a joy to introduce our son to National Park System right here in his home state of Oklahoma.

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