Oak Hill

The morning of our 10th wedding anniversary we woke up with no other plans then to head out to a dinner date later that day. Since it was such a beautiful morning we decided to get outside for a hike. Up until this point, I think I viewed "hikes" as an activity you had to plan in advance, map out, pack up, and drive up into the mountains somewhere to enjoy. For this adventure, we only drove about 10 minutes from our house and enjoyed ourselves immensely and got stunning surprise view at the end of it.

We decided to explore more of our hometown and head to Oak Hill, which is part of the Littleton Conservation Trust, and just happens to be the highest point in town at 508 feet. There are 4 different marked trails just off the parking area. We chose to hike the Summit Trail (red markers) that brought us up to Lookout Rock. Round trip the trail was approx. 1.7 miles which is about the max Logan can do without needing to be carried, but we took an extended stop at the top to enjoy some water, snacks, and the view into the city of Boston and he was able to keep up with no problems.

There were more people on the trail then I had expected, lots of dog, and even a school group who were taking in the scenery. It is nice to see other people enjoying this little hidden gem in our own town. Going on adventures like this with the people you love the most, is the best way to celebrate any kind of event or holiday.